Hillsborough County teacher goes viral in epic dance-off with student

A Hillsborough County teacher recently went viral for her epic dance moves. 

"I really try to emphasize for kids to be their authentic selves and to really never be afraid to express who they are no matter who's watching," said Yolanda Turner, a teacher at Sumner High School

She and one of her eighth grade students battled in an epic dance off at Sumner High and Academy 2027. It was all caught on video. 

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"You know, the music was on, all the kids were pumped. So it was like, Let's have a dance challenge. So I'm like, okay, all right, so everybody's having fun. And I said, 'I'm going to tap in. I'm going to tap into the dance,'" Turner said.

It was during a recent exam break when students might've needed a little time to unwind. Video of the dance off has gone viral, amassing millions of views in just a few days.  

"I literally got powered up. Like the people said in the comment, I was like, oh, ha ha ha. The more they yell, the more I turned out," Turner said.  "Missy Elliott responded. Dr. Bernice King. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s daughter. And that's because I'm going through each and every comment, liking and thanking people."

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For this long-time educator moments like this are all about connecting with students both in and out of the text books, giving each their time to shine.

"Just continue to let your light shine, Turner said. "There's something about you that everybody will enjoy seeing. And I really just want them to remember that and to have fun."