Hillsborough County's new high school needs a name

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Southeastern Hillsborough County is booming.

While new buildings go up and businesses expand, schools in the area are becoming increasingly overcrowded. Some are already over capacity.

A new high school is under construction right now and should provide some relief, but it can't come soon enough.

Right now it's being called high school TTT. Its official name will come later. Until then, officials already know it's the first new school to open in more than a decade and it will be the largest in the school district.

With the way the south county region is growing, the hallways could fill-up fast.

Right now, Lennard High School is the most over-crowded, with more than 3,300 students. Sixteen other high schools are near or over capacity.

The new campus is being built in the Southshore area of Riverview will provide some relief.

“This is the biggest high school that they’ve ever built in the district, and it should be able to house 2,900,” TTT Principal David Brown said.

The heavy growth in this area is expected to continue. School officials estimate thousands of new students will pack into area classrooms over the next three to five years. Based on approved developments and projections, in the same amount of time the new $75 million high school project could already be overcrowded.

“If the economy continues to do as well as it’s doing, we’re going to continue to grow,” said Brown.

The school district has already approved two new elementary schools and another new high school as part of its five-year plan.

High school TTT is set to open for the start of next school year, but the campus still needs a name. 

The school district is accepting community input for the school's name on its website until next Friday.  The school board will have the final say during a vote at the October 15 meeting.