Hillsborough deputy embraces 'inner cowboy,' corrals group of loose goats

A Hillsborough County deputy embraced his “inner cowboy” after responding to a call for several goats on the loose.

Corporal Kaleikini received the random call on Valentine’s Day and learned there were 13 loose goats in the Village of Lake St. Charles subdivision in Riverview. 

“After checking the HCSO manual under “loose goats” and finding no guidance, he channeled his inner cowboy and herded them through the streets,” according to a Facebook post by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. 

The agency shared video of the deputy trailing behind the group of goats. It almost looked like a very slow pursuit.

It turned out the goats knocked down part of a fencing, and were returned to their owner, who didn’t know they were missing. None of the goats were injured.