Hissing heard inside Florida sewer turned out to be a trapped gator

A resident in Cape Coral heard hissing inside a sewer, and it turned out to a 7-foot gator that was trapped inside.

Cape Coral police responded to the report of the alligator in a roadside sewer, and an officer’s body camera recorded video of a wildlife trapper pulling the reptile out.

“This is what nightmares are made of,” according to a Facebook post by the Cape Coral Police Department. “Walking down the road and you hear hissing coming from the seer. You go and look and behold, an alligator.”

The officer oversaw the removal of the gator, but eventually had to get hands on. The video showed the trapper using a rope and long pole to pull the gator out. As most of the gators do, it pulled off its “death roll” but couldn’t escape the clutches of the rope. 

Later, the officer helped lift and place the alligator into the back of the trapper’s truck.