History takes shape in the form of LEGO bricks at this Tampa exhibit

If you have kids or grandkids who love to build with LEGO bricks – or if you love them yourself you’re going to want to check out this exhibit.

There is no need to watch your step the Tampa Bay History Center, all the artwork pieces are enclosed behind glass. The exhibit is called “Brick History,” and important moments in history are captured in the shape of LEGO bricks.

Warren Elsmore is an artist from Scotland, and a longtime lover of LEGO bricks. His exhibit has traveled the world, but this is the first time it has visited the United States. 

“People in Tampa are getting the first look at this exhibit,” explained Manny with the Tampa Bay History Center. “He…has recreated all these moments in history out of LEGO bricks. Taking all of these concepts of history, conflict, the arts, inventions, recreated them in a medium that is very familiar to all of us.”

Here, you’ll see everything from dinosaurs to the smallpox vaccine. The exhibit will be at the center through February 16.

LINK: Learn more by visiting Tampa Bay History Center’s website