Hoverboards flying off the shelves this Christmas

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It isn't just in Back to the Future anymore, the hover board has arrived. 

The two-wheeled transporters are a sort of cross between a skateboard and a Segway. They're also one of the hottest items this holiday season.

Angela Trotti is grabbing one up for her boyfriend for Christmas.

"I know on campuses I go to FSU, and everyone's riding them on campus. It is really popular," Trotti said.

Riding one takes a little getting used to as it's a bit wobbly at first, FOX 13's Josh Cascio found out.

"It's kind of like riding a bike and once it clicks you don't even remember how you didn't remember how you did it before," Trotti said.  "In your head if you feel like you're going forward, you're going forward. If you want to go backwards, you go backward."

But getting your hands, or rather feet, on one isn't easy. They retail from about $300 up to $1200. Still, salesman Kakuan Williams said they're tough to keep in stock.

"Since Halloween, we've been sold out. We were sold out two weeks in a row. People are just coming, 'I need them, I need them, I need them,'" he said.

They have been met with some criticism however. New York and the U.K. have banned them from city streets.  Most other places though will let you roll, instead of stroll.