Hundreds line up to get COVID-19 vaccine outside Tampa food bank

Hundreds of people waited for their COVID-19 vaccine at the Feeding Tampa Bay parking lot Saturday morning, one day after the governor announced Florida will lower the vaccine age requirement.

"We think we’ve done pretty good this week with 60 to 64 but, quite frankly, we think that even on current vaccine allotments that opening it up will be good," Governor Ron DeSantis said.

On Monday, Florida will lower the age requirement to receive a vaccine to 50.

"As we go down to 50, we get people in their early 50s, some are going to want to get it, some won’t," DeSantis explained. "Obviously, some have recovered from COVID and have immunity through infection."

That was the case for Manuel Ramirez, who recovered from the virus, but still wanted to get the vaccine. He was first in line Saturday morning and says he was very fortunate he didn’t have to wait for hours. 

"Like the old people, at the beginning of the vaccinations, it was terrible for them to get it," Ramierez shared. "I came so early, with not too much effort, and here I am already vaccinated in no time."

The site was offering the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, and even though no appointment was needed it only took about 30 minutes from start to finish.

For many like Stephen Zuloaga, a return to normal is finally within reach.

"Being able to feel less apprehensive about going to places in public and trying to get back to more of a normal life," Zuloaga said. 

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