'I always wanted to dance': Bay Area woman fulfills lifelong dream of being a ballerina at age 76

Nina Keller always wanted to be a dancer. As a child, all of her friends took ballet lessons, but her family could not afford them. Now, seven decades later, Keller is a ballerina. 

After seeing an ad in the newspaper for adult, beginner ballet lessons that did not have an age limit, Keller bought a leotard, tights and ballet shoes. Her classmates say she is an inspiration. 

"She's that beautiful example you can dream," shared Mary Devine Story, an instructor at Fusion Dance Company in Palm Harbor where Nina takes lessons. "It’s OK to dream. You should follow your dream." 

Keller says she doesn't think she would have enjoyed ballet as much when she was 6 years old as she does now at the age of 76. 

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She takes lessons twice a week and says she has muscles now she never knew she had. She's also working on her flexibility and with a little more training, expects to be able to do a full split.

"She's living proof with heart soul and dedication you can do anything you want," Story said.

All Keller wants to do is dance. 

"I always wanted to dance and I can do it. I got the opportunity. You don't always get the opportunity to do what you want to so when it comes along you need to grab on to it," Keller explained.


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