In custody: 3rd suspect in Bradenton double murder

A tip led to a home in St. Petersburg this afternoon, where police and federal agents from the U.S. Marshal’s Office arrested Terez Jones, 33, for the murders of a Bradenton couple in their home July 9.

It was a CrimeStoppers tip led authorities to the home in the 3800 block of 16th Avenue South in St. Petersburg.  Investigators say Jones made his way there sometime overnight.

They say Jones gave up peacefully but seemed surprised, asking “How did you get me?”

“We’re the Marshals. We get you,” an agent responded.

Authorities had been searching for Jones since early in the morning of July 9, when three masked men forced their way into a home and killed Kantrell Brooks and his girlfriend, Ester Deneus.  The couple’s five children witnessed the murders.

Hours after the crime, police released surveillance video from a camera outside the home. It showed  three men, each armed with a handgun, using their T-shirts to hide their faces.

They threw a brick through some glass to enter the home. Less than two minutes later, they exited – and Brooks and Deneus were dead.

The first two suspects were arrested early Monday morning.  Trey Nonombre and Jimmie Lee Mcnear, both 18, were denied bond in their first appearance before a judge Monday afternoon.

All three men are charged with second-degree murder, but police expect a grand jury will increase the charge to first-degree murder when it meets on Thursday.

 Charging the three with second-degree murder allowed authorities to expedite the process of getting arrest warrants.

Terez Jones is currently being held in the Pinellas County jail.  He’s expected to be sent back to Manatee County later this week.