In viral video, man rides back of box truck on Colorado interstate

Drivers in Colorado spotted a man hanging onto the back of a truck while it was traveling 70 miles per hour on the highway.

David Meyer was driving on Interstate 25 near Orchard during the morning rush hour when he spotted an odd sight and started recording. He originally thought he was recording a stuffed pair of pants and a shirt -- but then realized it was a real person.

Meyer said his disbelief quickly turned into concern.

He said he tried to use his vehicle to create distance between the truck and other drivers. Another driver attempted to warn the truck driver about the stowaway. 

The truck can be seen moving to the side of the road, but it's unclear what occurred next. 

Meyer said it was one of the craziest things he has seen while commuting.

Colorado State Trooper Josh Lewis told FOX 31 the incident could have been dangerous.

“Not only is the person hanging on the back in an unsafe position, but anybody around them is now unsafe.  Certainly, if that person falls off, they want to do what’s right and avoid them.  But now they’ve put themselves in danger,” said Lewis, adding he had never seen something like this happen in Colorado.