Investigators reviewing new information in Sheena Morris death investigation

New information is coming to light in a decade-old case of an apparent suicide. Since the beginning of the investigation, detectives believed 22-year-old Sheena Morris took her own life, but love ones now say new information they handed over to the State Attorney's Office proves she was murdered. 

Kelly Osborn and her husband say they are confident and hopeful the new piece of information will prove what they have always believed: That their daughter was murdered and that her killer is still free.

"I miss everything about her. Her spirit. Her walking in the door," Osborn said.

Osborn remembers her daughter, 22-year-old Sheena Morris, as someone full of life and excited for future.

"Sheena was the bubbliest of bubbly. She had a lot of great things going for her in her life. She was beautiful. She was fun," Osborn said.

Osborn says Morris was someone who would never take her own life, which is why she and her husband were stunned when Police told them she had.

"She was perfectly happy in her life. She had paid all her bills, her rent for the next month. Magazine subscriptions and insurance. There's no way," Sheena's stepdad Kevin Osborn said.

New Year's Day 2009, Morris was found dead in a Bradenton Beach hotel room. Police and the FDLE concluded she died by suicide. To the family, it simply didn't make sense. Hours before she was found dead, she called 911 and told dispatchers her fiance had threatened to wreck her home.

"My daughter was involved in a domestic violence dispute, and she didn't get the help she needed," Osborn insisted.

Osborn believes crime scenes photos prove Morris's body was moved after she died. Marks found on her lower back are consistent with the back of a wicker chair in her hotel room and Osborn's team of investigators believe they were made after she died.

Also, Osborn is hoping the new information turned over this week to the state attorney's could prove Morris was murdered. It involves witness statements from the FDLE's previous investigation.

"When I got all these witness reports, I asked these people, is this what you said? Almost all of them said no," Osborn said.

She says she can't speak about it in detail because it could hinder the investigation, but remains confident it could be the break they need.

"We know for a fact Sheena didn't commit suicide," Osborn added.

The State Attorney's Office is currently reviewing the new information. Once they complete the review, they will determine whether to re-open the case. No word on when that decision could be made.