Jeb Bush, President Obama agree: no peas in guac

The New York Times told everyone to put peas in their guacamole Wednesday touching off a firestorm across the internet as people passionately defended their pea-free guac.

Even the president at one point chimed in on the debate.

The New York Times tweeted out a link to their "Green Pea Guacamole" recipe saying, "Add green peas to your guacamole. Trust us."

Turns out, people are pretty passionate about their guac. It also turns out that Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and President Obama have something in common: no peas in their guacamole.

Jeb Bush shared his repugnance on Twitter:

And the president agreed in his disdain for adding peas:

The New York Times said there are good reasons to add peas to your guacamole and that we should just trust them on it. It's "one of those radical moves that is also completely obvious after you taste it," they wrote. "The peas add intense sweetness and a chunky texture to the dip, making it more substantial on the chip."

Many decided, collectively, "no." Others tried it and tweeted about it.

Feel free to try it. (Or not.)