Judge allows murder defendant to get brain scan ahead of trial

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Granville Ritchie is accused of raping and killing 9-year-old Felecia Williams five years ago. Now, Felicia Demerson says she wants the man accused of her daughter’s murder to pay the ultimate price.

"My thing is to get justice for her and be her voice and be her face," said Demerson.

However, Ritchie now has a defense strategy that might keep him away from the death chamber. Hillsborough Circuit Judge Michelle Sisco approved a defense request for Ritchie to have a PET scan done of his brain. 

The procedure is often requested for defendants who have suffered a severe head injury sometime in the past.

If the test results shows he has brain damage, it could be used to sway the jury not to send him to death row.

Hillsborough prosecutor Scott Harmon knew this defense strategy might be coming and hinted at it Wednesday in court. 

But none of that matters to a heartbroken mother who misses her baby girl every minute of every day


"I want to see him pay the ultimate justice for crimes he did toward my 9 year old," added Demerson.

Ritchie's trial is set to start on July 9. It’s expected to last for three weeks.