Judge rejects 'Stand Your Ground' claim by sheriff's son

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The son of Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister will indeed stand trial for stabbing a local rapper.   A judge denied George Chronister's ‘Stand Your Ground’ motion today. 

Chronister, who says he is a local rapper, was collaborating with the victim and had a dispute over music.  There was a physical altercation and Chronister says he was in fear for his life the day he stabbed the victim in the face. 

His attorney says he is disappointed with the judge’s ruling.

“As you can see, he’s not the toughest kid.  Not even physically but also mentally.  It’s wearing on him,” Ronald Darrigo offered.  “It’s been about 18 months, so the whole pressure associated with this – the pressure of the media, having to respond with his father running for sheriff – is getting to him.”

Chronister's trial is set for September 11. If convicted, he faces two years in prison.