Jupiter Donut Company becomes Palm Harbor staple

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The Jupiter Donut Company in Palm Harbor is becoming well known for its tasty treats after two years in business.

The crew at Jupiter Donut Company gave FOX 13 News a look at their scratch-made, designer doughnuts and the flavors that make them stand out against the big chains.

“We do it all by hand. We don’t go through any machines. Our doughnuts, you'll notice, are all a little different because nothing is cookie-cutter,” said manager Elaine Iacolino. “The Boston cream is our most popular but the one I love is our salty caramel."

That’s just the tip of the frosty iceberg, but with all that sweetness, it is easy to forget the amount of work that goes into each and every one.

“From start to finish you're looking at three to four hours,” Iacolino explained.

They appear to be customer-approved.

“Really unique flavors and we like that it is a family-owned business,” said Andrea Adams.

“I had a jelly doughnut and the jelly was very good. The dough was excellent,” Pat Kasprzak said.

Based on their popularity, those little rings of hand-made flavor never gets old. Doughnuts were first made in 1847, after all.


“How can you go wrong with dough and sugar and your favorite topping?” Iacolino said.