Jurors watch re-enactment of shooting in Best's trial

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It is not often a jury gets to see re-enactments of a crime scene, but in Hillsborough County, a jury was shown the how a husband and wife may have been killed.

The medical examiner showed the jury how Shirley and Vigil best were shot and killed. Prosecutors say it happened while they sat in their living room, praying.

Prosecutors say Virgil and Shirley’s killer is defendant Marisol Best, the couple’s daughter-in-law.

In November of 2015, police say she admitted she shot and killed them because she was angry they were not supporting her husband - their son - who was facing legal trouble.

But Hillsborough public defender Carolyn Schlemmer is now pointing the finger at the couple’s son, Robert Best, claiming Marisol was so loyal and devoted to her husband she would even take the fall on murder charges for him.

“She would do anything for her husband, Robert Best," said Schlemmer.

In fact, the defense tried to use the medical examiner's demonstration to prove the shooter was not Marisol Best, who stands 4 feet 11 inches tall, but rather someone much taller like Robert Best.

Later, prosecutor Ron Gale got the ME to acknowledge the gun could have been fired at a much lower angle based on the projection of the bullet.

If Best is convicted of the murder charges she could face life in prison.