Jury selection slow for trial of man accused of killing baby

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Wearing a black suit and tie, Austin Hamilton faced a group of people who could potentially decide his fate.

Hamilton is accused of beating a one-year-old baby to death. Monday in court, potential jurors for his trial told their own stories of childhood abuse. 

"I was a victim of child abuse, aggravated child abuse when I was four years old. I barely survived," said one potential juror. 

Another told the judge, "I went through child abuse with my son's father."

You could hear pain the woman’s voice when she described her abuse.

"When I was younger, a relative came to stay with us and I was abused, so I don’t think I can put that aside," the woman said through tears.

Several other jurors told similar stories with the same result: They did not think they could set their feelings aside.

It made jury selection a little longer, but they finally picked a jury by the end of the day.

Prosecutors say Hamilton was caring for his girlfriend's baby while she was at work. He apparently admitted he lost his temper while changing the baby's diaper.

Investigators say Hamilton told them he hit the baby with a belt and then dropped her on her head.

The infant did not survive.

The trial is expected to last all week.