KNOCK KNOCK: FOX 13 surprises Cooks family with bikes for charity

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In the spirit of FOX’s new reality TV show ‘Knock Knock Live’, FOX 13 decided to do something special for a Bay area family who is constantly giving back to their community.

‘Knock Knock Live’, hosted by Ryan Seacrest, premiered earlier this month with the premise of bringing high stakes games, huge prizes and big stars right into the living rooms of unsuspecting families.

FOX 13 couldn’t quite land Seacrest for our surprise, but we came close with our very own Alcides Segui, Charley Belcher and Walter Allen, who spent Tuesday morning sneaking around before the moment finally came.

Things started early Tuesday with Alcides, who was interviewing the Cooks family at their restaurant, Alex’s Southern Style BBQ in Carrollwood.

Aimee, her sons and the rest of the Cooks family have been through a hard time, as they recently lost their husband and father, Alex, to a motorcycle crash in June.

Alex was well-known for his good old barbecue cooking, but even more so for his charity, the Xmas for Kids Foundation, which collects bikes and donates them to underprivileged kids in the Bay area.

Though the Cooks family has lost Alex, they are keeping up with the things he loved most: His restaurant, and his charity.

Alcides was talking with them about those very things around 8 a.m. when suddenly, Charley and Walter arrived, knocked on the door and unveiled a huge surprise for the Cooks: a truck full of 20 bikes to be donated to the Xmas for Kids Foundation. 

"I knew you guys were doing something this morning, but I never realized it would be here," said Aimee through happy tears. "Thank you so much. This is exactly what Alex lived for - giving more than what you have. That's what it's all about."

The bikes will help the Cooks get closer to their goal of donating 1,000 bikes to kids in need this year. 

Click here for more information on the charity, and how you can make a contribution.