Lake Wales suspends school sports indefinitely

The board of trustees for the Lake Wales charter school system voted unanimously Wednesday to cancel school sports until further notice because of COVID-19.

“It’s unfortunate, but we are trying to be as cautious as possible,” Donna Dunson, principal of Lake Wales High School, told FOX 13.

“We have a great sports program,” she continued. “I know the kids are itching to get going, and we are too, but we’re going to listen to the experts, the medical people, and make those decisions.”

The news is hitting the Ortiz family especially hard because all the kids play school sports and their dad is a coach.

Mizayris Ortiz, 17, loves basketball.

“It is tragic because that is my passion and I would love to be playing,” she said. “I understand it is for our safety, but I would still love to play, but I get it.”

There is no indication when the board of trustees will reconsider its decision.

In the meantime, the Florida High School Athletic Association recommends school districts wait until after August 24 to re-start their programs.