Lakeland to sell swans following annual roundup next month

You may have thought about possibly adopting a dog, cat, or even a horse, but have you ever pondered taking in something a little more exotic, like a swan?

“We had a heavy nesting season, so we have a lot of new cygnets (baby swans) out there,” explained Kevin Cook spokesman for the city of Lakeland. “Although this lake is beautiful, and looks like a large body of water, it can only handle so much of a swan population.”

Cook says right now the lake is overpopulated, so the city is going to sell off some of its swans after the annual swan round-up next month.

Last time the city sold off swans, they went for a few hundred dollars each.

Swans in Lakeland

“You have to have a body of water,” said Cook. “You have to have a safe environment for the birds and you’ve got to be able to take two birds.”

We’ll bring you the details of the upcoming sale when they become available.


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