Lawsuit claims mold made some MacDill living quarters unsafe

A week after five families filed lawsuits in federal court, more military families are coming forward with concerns and demands for

better living conditions at MacDill Air Force base in Tampa.

Families battling the effects of mold months after moving off the base. On Wednesday, a group met up with attorneys to consider what their options are going forward, saying they don’t want future families at MacDill to go through what they are experiencing.

“Some of the symptoms my husband experiences are neurological; ongoing headaches and sometimes he experiences dizzy spells, lightheadedness,” said Jenny Genrich, an Air Force wife who used to live on MacDill.

Genrich said mold exposure has impacted her husband’s job.

“He suffers with the physical aspects. For a while, he wasn't able to do, like, the physical training,” she said.

The federal lawsuit claims the company that manages base housing at MacDill knew about the problems without doing enough to fix them. The situation is now a topic on Capitol Hill, and Whistleblower Law Firm attorney Natalie Khawam said she is there to fight for some of the families suing.

“I feel like it’s time that we really just step up for our military and provide them what they're entitled to, which is safe housing conditions,” said Khawam. “I want to see some drastic changes. I want to see new companies coming in. When you go to a baker and they burn your cookies, you don't go back to the same baker.”

She said that means more than acknowledging any wrongs. Families impacted by the mold told FOX 13 they want others to be aware and for the base to do what’s right.

“We really need for families to be able to live in safe, inhabitable living conditions on base, and I just want families to be able to feel comfortable to come forward,” said Genrich.

Attorneys said they want to hear from former and current residents of MacDill and that everyone has a right to take legal action for their suffering.

Khawam said she plans to return to Washington, D.C., Thursday to raise awareness and fight for action.