Lift University helps young adults with disabilities become more independent 

Students at Lift University teach young adults with learning disabilities life skills so that they can become independent. 

"I like that they teach you how to cook," said student Thomas Bennett. "They teach you how to budget. They prepare you for adulthood." 

The school has businesses to help give the student's job experience. 

The private grass-roots effort was started five years ago and is a big success.

"By the time they leave us at graduation, they’re not only using a microwave, using a stove and have an apartment, but they are working full-time jobs getting a paycheck,” said Lift University Director Lois Mays.

They also learn how to drive.

Mays said the hands-on approach builds the student’s confidence. "They are on it all day long,” Mays said. “They're learning skills from the time they come until the time they go home. It is life-changing."

Mays said Lift University creates a nurturing environment to turn students with disabilities into productive citizens. 

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