'That's my legacy': Bay Area jeweler played key role in Buccaneers Super Bowl ring design

When Tom Brady secured ring number 7 with the Bucs, he knew he wanted something different and a Bay Area jeweler helped make it happen. 

"He was here for three years and what’s going to set this ring apart from other rings is they wear all in white gold, he said, ‘I wanted in yellow gold,’" said Ron Ackerman. 

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Ackerman is the owner of Tampa's Ackerman Jewelers.  In 2020, it was the official jeweler of the Buccaneers.  

Through his connections, he helped ensure the Bucs got the bling they deserved. 

"With me being the official jeweler for them, it was great to be able to link up Jason of Beverly Hills with the Glazers and Brian Ford and everyone involved in designing this ring, they did a phenomenal job," he said. 

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What they came up with and what Jason of Beverly Hills ultimately produced, was unlike any ring the NFL had ever seen. 

"The top comes off, it's an amazing piece of art really," he said.  "The fact that they used 319 diamonds to signify the 31-9 score," he added.  "To me, the symbolism in all of is what these players are going to carry their lives," Ackerman said. 

Ackerman also brainstormed parts of the 2020 and 2021 Lightning Stanley Cup rings.  It takes so much -blood sweat and tears to earn one of these, it also takes a pro to produce one. 

"Hopefully when my grandchild says, ‘Hey, my pop made this all happen’. It'll be great!  That’s my legacy," he shared.