Made in Tampa Bay: Custom motorcycles by Kory Souza Originals

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A special kind of custom bike is being created in a shop in Sarasota.

Each bagger bike - a motorcycle with a storage compartment on the back - is a work of art with a high level of functionality. They're made in Tampa Bay by Kory Souza at Kory Souza Originals.

Souza has been in Sarasota for five years, but he's been around bikes his whole life. 

He honed his skills working under a famous motorcycle builder in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

Now he runs the show in his own shop, creating custom bikes for only a few clients a year. 

His process starts simply enough, with a stock motorcycle, straight from the factory. Then he begins the process of turning it into a masterpiece.

"It's a piece of art, but it's a rideable piece of art. There's about 25-30 big projects in the shop right now," Souza said.

He starts in a digital setting, building out the bike on the computer. Then they get to work building or rebuilding everything, from the motor to the transmission to superchargers. 

Then he works on the exterior of the bike, incorporating the desires of his customers into every detail. 

Souza says some customers have specific ideas while some give him free rein.

"When the customer leaves, it's like, 'That's my bike,'" Souza said.

Souza's talent is in high demand. He makes about five custom bikes a year and his waiting list is about two years out.

"I do it to make people happy. I do it because I love it. I like the attention to detail. I like to test my skills, test myself, to make things that look different than anyone else's bike do," Souza said.

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