Made in Tampa Bay: Hudson shop customizes cars around the world

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The team at American Car Craft helps customers around the world customize their rides without having to leave the driveway.

These upgrades are definitely making heads turn.

From their shop in Hudson, Florida, American Car Craft employees design, customize, cut, created, and deliver laser-cut metal trim, LED lighting, vinyl decals, engraved accessories, electronics, and interiors straight to customers’ doors.

From late model muscle cars to classic hot rods to modern street machines, limos, and everything in between, American Car Craft is helping car owners and enthusiasts ride in unique style.

Cameron Rivera gave FOX 13 a tour of the shop to see how they create thy create their products.

“We sell products that pretty much make a stock car into a show car,” Rivera said.

Most of the products they sell are peel-and-stick, meaning they come ready to be attached with GM tape to any surface of the customer’s vehicle.

On their YouTube page, American Car Craft employees explain the best way to attach their products.

They also make accessories that turn a typical engine into a work of art.

On a never-before-seen custom engine bay for a 2019 Corvette ZR1, Rivera showed us their customized fender covers, path set, master cylinder, illuminated fuel rails for the engine shroud, hood lights, and more.

But whether you want a completely redone ride, or just want to add a little bling with new door sills, American Car Craft can help you add the finishing touches.

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