Man accused of killing mom's abusive boyfriend sentenced to 10 years

Christmas 2017, Tish Bardin had a fresh black eye and bruises on her body.

Her son, Tyler Bardin came to her defense. Investigators say Tyler shot and killed his mother's abuser and boyfriend, Brian Vessel.

At first, it appeared to be a case of self-defense, according to Bardin's attorney, Ty Trayner.

"There is no disputing the mother got beat up pretty badly by the diseased, very badly," explained Trayner.

However, Bardin's actions following the shooting raised red flags.

Instead of talking to investigators, he barricaded himself inside the apartment and later got rid of the gun.

At first, he faced a tampering charge. But later, after an autopsy showed Vessel was shot five times in the back, Bardin was handcuffed during a court hearing and taken into custody.

The autopsy results indicated Vessel was retreating from the confrontation.

That day in court, Bardin hugged his grandfather before being booked on a murder charge.

Two years later, Bardin is cutting a deal with the state. Hillsborough County Judge Laura Ward handled Bardin's agreement.

"You’re charged in that case with second-degree murder. That is punishable of up to life in prison. Do you understand that?" asked Judge Ward.

Bardin said he understood.

Instead of calling the police for help that day, Bardin chose to settle a domestic dispute his own way and will now spend 10 years in jail thinking about it.

"You have 30 days to appeal the legality of your sentence. Do you have any questions?" asked Judge Ward.

Bardin replied, "No ma’am."