Man accused of sextortion passes on probation-only plea deal; fires attorney

Richard Woodbury was supposed to go to trial Monday morning, but at the last minute, he got cold feet.

"End of the day, I'm confused," Woodbury told the judge. 

Woodbury is accused of video voyeurism.

Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Mark Wolfe reminded him of the allegations against him by reading from the arrest report.

"The defendant text-messaged the victim two videos of her, taken against her will, and she had a reasonable expectation of privacy. The videos were taken inside the defendant's apartment," read Judge Wolfe. 

Proseutors say Woodbury secretly recorded himself and his girlfriend having sex. Later, when she tried to end their relationship, he allegedly threatened to post the video online.

Just hours before a jury was set to be chosen in his case, Woodbury contemplated taking a plea deal or possibly firing his attorney.

Prosecutors offered him straight probation, no jail time, but Woodbury passed. Instead, he dumped his attorney and will look for a new one.

After wrestling on that decision for several minutes, Woodbury's legal situation worsened. Prosecutors decided the deal was no longer on the table.

Judge Wolfe gave Woodbury 30 days to find a new attorney. Once that happens, they will schedule a new trial date.