Man attacks several people in Port Richey neighborhood before arrest

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Pasco County deputies arrested a man accused of committing a string of random attacks on a street in Port Richey Monday.

According to investigators, Andrae Wiley, 31, first jumped into a van that was parked on Cochise Lane. The two people in the vehicle told detectives Wiley attacked one of them.

"Once he was inside the van, he struck one of the victims several times in the head," said Amanda Hunter, a spokesperson for the sheriff's office.

Detectives said the pair in the van fought with Wiley and were eventually able to push him out of the vehicle.

A woman living nearby heard the commotion, came outside and saw what was going on, near her front yard.

"Some old fella was trying to push a young fella out of the side. He came rolling out in front of my house, right at my feet," the woman told FOX 13, adding she didn't want to be identified because the ordeal was so terrifying.

The woman said Wiley asked her for a drink and she agreed to get him one, hoping he'd go away.

"I thought, 'okay, well I'll give him a drink, [he'll] ease on down the road. Anything to get him to leave.' So I grabbed a Powerade and handed it to him and instead, he ended up hitting me in the eye with it," she explained. He hit me several times. He's not getting in the house where my daughter is."

Deputies said Wiley eventually left the woman's property and saw a U.S. Postal Service truck. The mail carrier told detectives Wiley got into her vehicle and told her to go. She drove one house down the street before Wiley got out.

Video from a deputy's body camera shows what happened next: The deputy arrived and the postal worker directed him to Wiley, who was still carrying the blue Powerade.

The deputy was able to arrest him without any further incidents at the scene.

"We are even more thankful we didn't have more victims in this case because he certainly seemed to just be going from one crime to the next," Hunter said.

Deputies said Wiley tried to hit a deputy while he was being booked in the jail. It's unclear if he was on drugs or alcohol, but investigators are looking into that possibility.