Man Baker-Acted 2 weeks before hitting bike-riding family

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Conspiracies, paranoia, and threats of violence are how police describe Mikese Morse's state of mind two weeks ago when he walked into a Tampa Police Department station.

Documents show Morse claimed "he did something really bad," but the police officer wrote, "he would not specify what he did or why he needs the police." 

Morse then claimed he was being attacked by "energy projections" and rambled on about his body parts, religion, and conspiracies, records show.

What raised serious red flags for police was when Morse told the officer he may hurt someone if he's allowed to leave the police station.

Chief Brian Dugan explained what happened next. 

"He exhibited odd behavior that criteria met a Baker Act and he was Baker Acted back on June 12," Dugan explained.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, Morse's mother said she tried to get her son help for his mental health issues but the system failed him.

Days after being Baker Acted in mid-June, Morse was released from Gracepoint. The mental health facility can't discuss the case due to medical privacy regulations.

However, nearly two weeks later, Morse plowed into a father and his two sons who were riding bikes.

Tampa police say it was premeditated and deliberate.