Man convicted in 2016 attack, kidnapping in downtown Tampa

Brittney Dahlberg was in downtown Tampa's SoHo district for a good time one night in December of 2016, when suddenly she was knocked out, kidnapped, and robbed.

Now, nearly five years later, Dahlberg told a jury what happened.

The man accused of the attack is Johnathan Rogers. Surveillance video from a nearby restaurant shows Dahlberg trying to find her car keys outside the Green Lemon parking lot.

"I was a little tipsy, I would say," acknowledged Dahlberg.

She struggles to get the car door unlocked, but once she did, video shows a man lunge from out of the shadows and punch her in the face and knock her out.

The man drags her into her own car and takes off.

Prosecutors say after the attack, Rogers drove her back and stole her cell phone and purse.

On the stand, Dahlberg admitted she doesn't remember much. She says after a night of dinner and drinks she was heading home.

"What I remember next is waking up the next morning. I was in the driver’s seat of my car my face was swollen and bruised very badly," she recalled.

But Rogers' defense attorney Shelton Bridges said prosecutors have no proof Rogers was even involved.

"There is no fingerprint evidence identifying my client," argued Bridges.

Bridges says Tampa police bungled the investigation and were testing evidence as late as this year. But prosecutors say the video is the smoking gun in this case and the jury agreed.

Rogers was found guilty of aggravated battery, kidnapping, and robbery. He will be sentenced on December 17, 2021.