Man Hopes to Reunite Owner with Bracelet Found at Atlanta's Airport

A Colorado man hopes to reunite a lost bracelet with its rightful owner. 

The piece of jewelry was found on Sunday, December 13, at Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson International Airport. The man who found is said there was a note inside the jewelry box that read:

"For Jessica when she has Bat Mitzvah."

The finder also said there was a receipt in the case, which revealed the gift was purchased in 2011 by "D. Green" from a Macy's store in Kenwood, Ohio. 

"I've worked with Delta and Macy's but haven't been able to track down the owner. I'm hoping that if everyone shares this post with their friends we might be able to track down the owner." 

If you have any information about this bracelet, please let us know! We will contact the man who found it.