Man jumps from moving car to escape kidnapping in Pinellas County

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The Pinellas County Sheriff Office has arrested two people in connection with a Saturday evening home invasion and kidnapping in Oldmsar. 

Investigators say 27-year-old Dwayne Times was inside his home when three masked gunmen stormed inside. Times told investigators the men demanded money and pistol whipped him several times. 

After giving the men money, they forced him into the back of his car. Deputies say while the men were leaving the neighborhood Times was able to open the car door and jump from the moving vehicle. 

Times ran away and started knocking on doors to try to find help.

Mark Donegan was at home Saturday night when the scene unfolded at his neighbor's house. 

"He was pounding on the door, screaming for help. He was saying 'I need help, I'm bleeding.'" 

A neighbor in the area let him inside and called 911.

"He was squatting down, with his hands up. He was saying 'I'm going to get shot and killed,'" explained Donegan. "Neighbors pulled him in the house, at that moment they saw flashlights and the police were entering front and back, weapons drawn." 

Deputies searched the area and found 17-year-old Chrishaud Montgomery hiding in a pool in the area. Shortly afterwards, K-9 deputies found 21-year-old Quadre Brown trying to get into a nearby home. 

Both were arrested without incident and taken to the Pinellas County Jail. 

Times was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 

Deputies are continuing to search for a third individual that was involved in the robbery. 

Donegan says incidents like this are a good reminder to always keep safety top of mind. 

"It really kind of reinforces the notion that even during the daytime you need to keep your doors locked and be aware of the situation.