Man police link to seemingly random St. Pete killings now charged in similar Tampa shooting incident

The person of interest in two deadly, and apparently random, shootings in St. Petersburg this week now also faces charges related to similar incident in neighboring Hillsborough County. Before the arrest was announced Thursday, police seemed concerned they could be facing a serial killing situation.

Johnny Carnegie went before a Tampa judge Friday on charges related to a shooting that happened at The Warehouse bar back in February. 

Investigators say surveillance video shows Carnegie’s vehicle backing into a parking spot. Next to him, a person is unlocking their vehicle door. 

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They say Carnegie got out of his vehicle and fired two shots at the person over their vehicle roof. Investigators said the bullets grazed the roof and missed the victim, who managed to crouch down before Carnegie fired one more shot through the closed passenger side window of the victim’s vehicle.

Carnegie appears in court, via video with the judge

The bullet went through the driver’s seat cushion and then grazed the victim, but did not cause any serious injuries.

The victim said they didn’t know the person who shot at them.

That was February 15. 

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Two months later, two more shootings and a possible close call left two men dead and police scrambling to avoid additional victims in St. Petersburg. 

The first shooting happened last Sunday in the 900 block of Melrose Avenue South, near the corner of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street South. Police said 60-year-old Vernon Williams was walking when a man approached, said something, and then delivered a fatal gunshot. 

Tuesday morning, 24-year-old Corlenzo Williams was walking along 17th Avenue South near 28th St. South when a man approached, spoke, and then fired.

Family, friends of victim Corlenzo Williams creates roadside memorial 

Despite having the same last name, police said the victims were not connected, other than the mysterious nature of their deaths.

Also Tuesday, within two blocks of Corlenzo’s death, another person reported being approached by a man with a gun. That person took off and went police. 

At the time, police weren’t sure if the same person was involved in all three incidents. Now they’re indicating the same person could be responsible for at least four similar occurrences.

After Friday’s hearing, Carnegie is being held without bond. It’s unclear if he will be charged in St. Petersburg.