Massive mural welcomes Tom Brady to Tampa, promotes positivity in the community

When Dr. Gregory Cobb, a lifelong Bucs fan, learned Tom Brady was coming to Tampa, he decided to welcome the celebrity quarterback with a massive mural in his honor. He enlisted the help of Eric “Esh” Hornsby, who's been painting since he could color, to make his vision come to life. 

“Any mural that I paint, I want it to be something positive,” Hornsby explained. “Something they can look at and put a smile on their face. “

Dr. Cobb said the mural isn’t just for the home team, it’s also meant to be something positive for the community.

“I’m on Busch Boulevard and it wasn’t too long ago they were burning down a mobile station just a handful of blocks from me,” he said. “There was just so much chaos here. We wanted to bring something to the community that everyone could agree upon and sports is something that’s always brought people together no matter what your views are. In our area, a lot of these people can’t afford to go to the Buccs games, so they can come here and take some images and videos with the mural and still feel like they are a part of the football, and the season, and the community.”

Hornsby just hopes that everyone enjoys his hard work.

“I think it represents well the city,” Hornsby shared. “I think it represents well the team and I think it gives the people of the town something to look at and be proud of.”

The mural is located at 4205 E Busch Blvd. in Tampa.