McGlockton family ready to start healing process following charges

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Markeis McGlockton's family has been waiting for this day for nearly a month. The State Attorney's Office announced Monday afternoon that it had charged Michael Drejka with felony manslaughter in the shooting death of their son. 

"When I got the news today, obviously I was happy," said McGlockton's father, Michael McGlockton. "I was ecstatic about it. But you know, I'm just sorry it took so long."

McGlockton's mother, Monica Moore-Robinson, shared those same sentiments. 

"I've just been in a daze I guess. That was my baby. Today when I heard that he was getting charged, I guess I can start healing, at least start," she said. 

New court documents reveal Drejka was about 12 feet away from McGlockton when he opened fire, killing the father of three. The report also states that McGlockton was in the process of backing up when he was confronted with the gun. 

Friends and family have been pushing for Drejka to be charged since the deadly confrontation. There have been multiple protests, rallies, and calls from lawmakers to repeal or tweak the 'Stand Your Ground' law. 

"This is only the first step," McGlockton's father added. "I mean, once we get this guy behind bars, we're good for at least 30 years. That's justice to me."