Mental health break: 20 minutes of meltdown at the Smash Room

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If you're on the edge of losing your temper and are looking for a way to relieve some of that stress, you might consider something like punching a pillow, or maybe stomping your feet. 

For anyone who feels like they're at their wit's end, there's a new attraction in Lakeland that could help you release some of that frustration without damaging anyone's property - or worse. 

It's called Smash Room - a safe place for customers to smash, tear, kick, and scream away life's stresses. 

Some people bring a photo with them.

“Their bosses, ex’s, someone you have a secret vendetta against,” said Smash Room spokeswoman Tyana Daley. “Just print it up and smash away.”

But before you let loose, you are required to put on safety gear, including a helmet with a visor, chest protection, and a head-to-toe suit.

Choose your weapon and go at it. Smash Room has just about anything you can think of, all for the purpose of destruction; electronic equipment, desks, microwaves, computers, and more.

For an additional fee, you can go macro and whack away at big stuff like a washing machine or dryer.

The basic package is 20 minutes of meltdown for $30.

“People leave here with a high adrenaline rush, or they just let the day go,” said Daley.

Jaharian Lampley came in after his football coach kept him out of practice during training camp.

By the time he and a friend decimated a room full of stuff, he felt much better.

“It is almost like going to church and getting saved again,” he commented to FOX 13.

The owner of the Lakeland Smash Room hopes to open a second one in Tampa by the end of the year.

If you want to know more, check out, or Smash Room of Tampa on YouTube.