Plea deal focused on mental health of woman accused of having bomb-making materials

Michelle Kolt may be headed to a mental health facility instead of prison, under a plea deal for the woman accused of having the ingredients to make bombs.

They say, at her parents’ home in Wimauma, she had bomb-making material in her bedroom that could have produced 24 pipe bombs. They said she also kept articles about mass shootings.

Two years later, Kolt's case is getting resolved. Her attorney, Barry Taracks explained the plea agreement.

"Looking at possible placement and probation," he said.

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After an extensive medical evaluation, a doctor concluded Kolt suffers from a history of mental health issues and needs treatment, not jail.

Hillsborough County prosecutor Lindsey Hodges agreed.

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"What Mr. Taracks is working on right now is finding adequate placement given the charges and her mental health needs," explained Hodges.

After her arrest in October of 2019, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office asked a judge to take away her firearms. They said she was a danger to herself and the community.

Kolt didn't fight it.

She is expected back in court in a few weeks to formally accept the plea offer.