Monday's debate could reveal candidates' stance on policy, candy

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The first epic showdown between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton takes place Monday from Hofstra University, and it's being billed as potentially the most watched debate in U.S. history. 

Asking the tough questions from the moderator's chair will be NBC anchor Lester Holt. Topics are likely to include the economy, foreign policy and national defense.

But FOX 13 wanted to know what you would ask the next leader of the free world. 

Lavida Starks wants to get personal.

"Trump? I would ask him about his hair. How does he look in the morning with his hair," Starks asked. 

And for Hillary, Starks would ask "if she could tell a joke... what joke would she tell?"

Caroyln Keller, however, would keep it a little more traditional.

"What are they going to do to make America better?" she asked.

Then there's Bill Taylor, who said candy could decide the Commander in Chief.

"Does Hillary like Skittles?" he wondered.

Taking a more measured approach is FOX 13 political editor Craig Patrick. He expects the debates to have a big impact on the polls. 

"Look for Hillary Clinton to try and get his goat a time or two, in terms of how he responds - not just in substance, but tone - in how many points he scores Monday night," Patrick said.

The debate airs live on FOX 13 from 9 to 10:30 Monday night.