Neo-Nazi takes plea deal on explosives charges

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Self-proclaimed neo-Nazi, Brandon Russell had a framed picture of the Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh in his bedroom.

And in his garage, investigators say they found homemade bombs, explosives, and plenty of materials to make more.

Russell was even the alleged leader of a neo-Nazi group called Adam Waffen, which means atomic bomb in German.

He was recruiting members all over the U.S., according to prosecutors.

Now, his attorney says he's ready to take responsibility and plead guilty to federal charges.

Federal prosecutors said Russell had a target list of sites around the state he wanted to blow up, including synagogues and a nuclear power plant near Miami.

But Russell was never charged with acts of terrorism. Instead, he will plead guilty to explosives charges.

Russell's twisted plot came to light after his roommate, Devon Arthurs was arrested for killing their two other roommates.

Arthurs led police to the bodies and to Russell's bombs.

Arthurs says all of the roommates - Jeremy Himmelman, Andrew Oneshuk, Brandon Russell, and Arthurs - were neo-Nazi believers.

But at some point, Arthurs converted to the Islamic faith and turned on his roommates. Especially, he says, because they disrespected his new beliefs.

Himmelman's sister, Nicole said her brother had no ties to neo-Nazi followers and was a good person.

But things don't look good for the two living roommates. Arthurs is facing two counts of murder and the possibility of a life sentence. Russell's change of heart and plea means he could be behind bars for up to 11 years.