New exhibit at James Museum honors wildlife artist John Seerey-Lester

Those familiar with the James Museum and its history in St. Petersburg are quite used to the American-western theme throughout the venue.  However, a new exhibit at the museum takes visitors on a different visual journey into vivid colors and fantastic wildlife.

The James Museum artist John Seerey-Lester was an active member of Artists for Conservation, and to honor his memory, 20 of his conservation art paintings will be on display along with a collection of 60 paintings and sculptures of endangered wildlife and rare creatures.

"These artists are really focused on conservation efforts, education, and showing beautiful works," explained Emily Kapes, curator of art for The James Museum. 

The Artists for Conservation group holds an annual juried exhibition, and this year you can see it here at The James Museum. This special exhibition features 63 international artists whose artwork showcases a variety of different animals and habitats.   

Kapes added, "Some of these paintings look like photographs, they are so realistic it is amazing to see." 

This exhibit is near and dear to the James Museum because of the special tribute to Seerey-Lester who passed away in May of 2020. 

"He was a signature member of the Artist for Conservation group and a major part of the James collection," stated Kapes. "John was such a proponent for conservation, and he supported efforts through the sales of his paintings."

He was such a wonderful person and such a great wildlife artist, he was one of the best of his generation."  

The Artist for Conservation: International Exhibit of Nature in Art will be on display from March 13 through May 23.

Click here to learn more about the James Museum and here to learn more about the new exhibit. 


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