Nik Wallenda's wife to perform daredevil stunt

The name Nik Wallenda is known around the world.

His daredevil wire walks take our breath away, but being married to daredevil Nik Wallenda can cause a few heart stopping moments.

"At first I'm nervous but, once I see him get on the wire and come alive, it's moving and it's beautiful," said Nik's wife, Erendira Wallenda.

Erendira has been there every step of the way.

"Everybody always asks me what it's like to be married to Nik Wallenda," she said.

For this family, it is nothing out of the ordinary.

Nik and his wife both grew up in families known for performance art and death-defying stunts. The circus is in their blood.

"I am actually eight generations circus as well on my mom's side, and seven on my father's side," she said.

Nik has crossed the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and most recently, the Chicago River on a wire between two skyscrapers.

Now it is his wife’s turn to step into the spotlight.

"I have never had the opportunity to watch her do something this big, this grand," said Nik.

Erendira has performed as an acrobat since she was a child. In October she will put on a show above the Charlotte Speedway.

She will perform on a ring hanging from a helicopter, and by the end of the show, she’ll be hanging from the ring with only her toes.

She, like Nik, will use no safety equipment and Nik will be watching from the ground.

"I am sure he will be like, 'I am nervous because you know it’s so real. You could get hurt', but I know he knows I am capable of doing this," she said.

Don't call Erendira a "thrill seeker". She sees beauty in each of her performances.

"Daredevil defiantly goes to Nik, maybe more like an artist," she said.

Erendira will perform her show on Saturday October 10 before the Bank of America 500 race.