North Port to keep shelter open 1 more night as floodwaters slowly recede

Courtesy: City of Northport

Officials with the city of North Port say despite rain Saturday night, floodwater levels are lower Sunday morning than they were before the evening storm. 

They say at this rate, it could take up to a week to see a significant reduction in the water that is several feet deep above some roadways in the area. 

City leaders say so far they have not received any reports of water into homes and have not had any visitors to its emergency shelter at Morgan Center, located at 6207 W Price Blvd. However, they will keep the shelter open for one more night just in case residents need to use it. 

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Officials say they helped evacuate one vehicle from high water on Saturday and provided high-water support to several residents. 

Courtesy: City of Northport

A self-service sandbag station is open at the end of City Center Blvd. next to the Larry Thoennissen Athletic Fields past the George Mullen Activity Center located at 1602 Kramer Way.

High-water emergency crews are patrolling the area Sunday and city leaders say emergency operations will continue until no longer needed. 

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Courtesy: City of Northport