Not a cool getaway: Would-be thief doesn't get far in stolen ice cream truck

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Florida deputies said a man tried to steal a pink and white ice cream truck – complete with fake eyelashes on the headlights – which isn’t the most discreet getaway car. 

Okaloosa County deputies said 30-year-old William Grappy tried to steal the ice cream truck from outside the owner’s home in the 200 block of Angler Avenue on Okaloosa Island. It occurred early Friday morning, just after midnight.

The truck was plastered in cartoon character stickers, a peace sign, and the front of it had a plate that read, "Bessie," in pink letters.

Deputies said the owner’s girlfriend saw the crime happening and followed Grappy, but he -- literally -- ditched the ice cream truck in a ditch behind a business less than a mile away. They said he ran away on foot. 

He didn’t get far, and was taken into custody by Okaloosa County deputies, who they say became apologetic for “being an idiot.”

The ice cream truck owner said the truck contains about $1,200 worth of ice cream, and also told deputies he left the keys inside the unlocked vehicle.

Grappy faces several charges including burglary and grand theft. He also faces a drug possession charge after deputies say they found marijuana in his pants pockets.