One of world's largest great white sharks pinged off Florida

One of the largest great white sharks ever tagged was “pinged” near Florida.

The female shark, named Unama’ki, pinged on Sunday off Verro Beach, then a few days later off Key Largo. Two months ago, the shark was tracked off Nova Scotia.

Ocearch said in a Facebook post in October that Unam’aki was making a similar journey as two other large female great whites the group was tracking, and the hope was she was pregnant and could lead scientists to where she gives birth.

Unama’ki is over 15 feet long and weighs over 2,000 pounds. 

Ocearch is a data-centric organization that helps scientists by tracking oceanic wildlife, with tags on whales, dolphins and turtles, in addition to sharks. 


Ocearch offered a tracking page for Unama'ki, as well as two other great white sharks to follow: Luna and Lydia

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