Online retailers still selling storm prep items, but delivery times uncertain

If stores are sold out of your hurricane preparation needs, you might try online retailers or delivery services, like Amazon or Instacart.

Some hurricane supplies, such as flashlights and batteries were still fully-stocked Thursday night and could still arrive before the storm. But some online retailers and delivery services were already warning consumers: deliveries might not make it in time.

Amazon says it is still able to make deliveries in Florida, but it's unclear for how much longer. We could start seeing effects from the storm as early as Monday, which means now is the time to place your orders if you want to get them before the storm hits.

Grocery store shelves are being emptied throughout some parts of Florida, including in the Bay Area. Some shoppers are frantically trying to prepare.

"I'm glad I gassed up yesterday because at Costco the lines were all the way down the street. People had carts full of water," Ralph Donahue said.

Many stores were sold out of cases of water bottles opening up the door for online retailers to cash in.

"It is very beneficial when you are stuck in your house and not go anywhere and so you order to Amazon. Amazon is amazing," Adriana Lefebvre said.

As of Thursday night, dozens of hurricane supplies were still fully stocked. Flashlights, batteries, first-aid kits and more were in-stock and available to be delivered by Saturday if you were to place your order in the next few hours.

Multiple brands and cases of water were available for sale, but were going fast and the earliest delivery dates are Sept. 3 or 4, meaning they wouldn't arrive before the storm hits.

Other services like Instacart were still processing deliveries Thursday night, but that could change depending on the storm.