Painted lines and dots combine to showcase natural landscapes of Australia

The summer of 2020 has been big for Jessica Howard Browne. She recently re-launched her art career, but she never stopped being an artist.

Art is part of her life and her heritage, a native of Queensland, Australia.

"What I do is paint and design contemporary Australian Aboriginal artwork from the Alice Springs Central Australia region,” Browne explained. “For me, artwork is an expression of my history, my heritage, my personality, the colors I like, the shapes I like and it’s a way to connect back to where I come from.”

Her work is based on traditional techniques using paint, but she has been creating some pieces that mix in contemporary and abstract ideas.

Simple lines and tiny dots combine to depict landscapes and nature. Some of her work almost appears to move on the canvas.

She said, “I’m really just trying to use every talent that I might have and develop it.”

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