Parade highlights teen Metro Ministries youth program leaders

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The Strong brothers challenge each other in basketball, cars, and in life.

Luciano, 16, 15-year-old Giovanni and 14-year-old Dominic each bring something special to the table. 

"For Giovanni, he's cool, he's smart, he has a charm to him", said Luciano.

"Giovanni and Luciano are very ambitious and smart. They get really good grades", said Dominic.

"Dominic, he's so smart. He will outsmart me. I'm in the ninth grade and he's in the eighth grade", said Giovanni.

They have become champions at Metropolitan Ministries by leading their peers in the youth program.

"Luciano, he's the protector, Giovanni, he's the one that wants to keep peace and I see Dominic as being the educator", said Cynthia Seay, the youth programs director at Metropolitan Ministries.

But the boys give the credit to their personal hero, their mom.

"Before this we were in a very rough situation and she was the only one who was there for us", said Dominic.

"She steadily tried and got us back on our feet no matter how hard it got", said Luciano.

"She's basically the ideal of what I want to be when I grow up", said Giovanni.

Thanks to their mom and Metropolitan Ministries, the boys see themselves taking on even bigger goals.

"I aspire to be a doctor", said Giovanni.

"I see myself being a mechanical engineer", said Luciano.

"When I grow up I want to be a web developer or a software engineer" said Dominic.

But for now, they are enjoying their roles as community heroes for the Gasparilla Children's parade.

"Being with my mom and brothers and just to have fun" said Dominic.

"To see people with smiles on their faces and spend time with my family", said Giovanni.

"Having fun during the parade, meeting new faces, seeing the people and being able to spend time with my family there", said Luciano.