Parents of suspected Seminole Heights killer request more freedoms

After two months of house arrest, Rosita and Howell Donaldson, Jr. are asking the judge for a little more freedom.

"We have an engagement coming up that requires us to attend for certification and stuff," said Howell Donaldson.

Back in February, the Donaldsons were found in civil contempt after they refused to talk to prosecutors about their son, Trae's murder cases.

They were placed on house arrest, but are now asking to travel for business and take their youngest son to school.

Their attorney, A.J. Alvarez questioned his clients in court.

"What have you all been doing as far as transporting your youngest child to and from school?" he asked.

Howell responded, "We have been getting some assistance from neighbors in our endeavors as far as getting him where he needs to go to and from school."

The Donaldsons had their lives turned upside down after their son, Howell "Trae" Donaldson, III was arrested and accused of gunning down four innocent people during a four-week span last fall.

Since his arrest, the Donaldsons have refused to answer any questions about their son.

Now they find themselves in their own legal mess, but prosecutor Scott Harmon says they have no one blame but themselves.

"They've put themselves in this position. It's really between the court and the Donaldsons at this point. The state has no position," said Harmon.

It didn't take the judge very long to decide to allow one of the Donaldsons to take their son to school and both to visit with their attorney, but that's it.

Alvarez says the confinement has been tough on the Donaldsons but it hasn't done much to change their minds.

"They're going to contemplate their decisions and their options and figure out what's best for them and their family and well as their son," said Alvarez.