Pasco Dep. Carmack talks Live PD with K9 Shep

Two of Pasco County's finest who have become local celebrities to those who watch the show Live PD are headed to New York City. 

Pasco County Deputy Nick Carmack was in the FOX 13 studio Wednesday with K9 "Shep." The duo will head to New York City to host the A & E show "Live PD." 

The show follows Pasco County deputies on calls, showcasing the calls they respond to from domestic situations to pursuits. "It's kind of like Cops, but it's more fulltime. You see everything, not just the crazy events," said Dep. Carmack. 

Deputy Carmack has been with the department for six years and has been partnered up with Shep for five of them. As for celebrity status, Dep. Carmack said it's all about Shep. "It's all him. It's funny because a lot of people don't even really know who I am, it's all the dog," he said. 

Shep became a local celebrity when video of him chasing down a suspect went viral earlier this year.