Pasco officials warn residents about letter requesting money for deed documents

People living in Pasco County have been getting official-looking solicitation letters in the mail, asking residents to send money for a copy of their property deed. The county says it is not affiliated with the business and the documents it's offering aren't official.

The letters have been sent by County Records, LLC., and offer to send homeowners a copy of their property deed in exchange for $89.

The letter says it is not a bill, but several people say it was easy to mistake for one.

According to the Pasco County Clerk’s Office, property deeds can be viewed for free online and certified copies can be made for $1 a page.

“You see, these things, they’re getting more sophisticated,” said William Huckeby, a Zephyrhills resident who received one of the letters.

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Huckeby didn’t fall for it, but by the time he posted a warning on Facebook, he found out others did.

“Somebody said, ‘Oh, I actually paid that,” said Huckeby.

But before anyone else bites the bait, he wants to spread the word. Every time someone sends this company money, they make an 880% profit.

“It’s an expensive service,” said Huckeby.

And according to the county, it is not a necessary service, either.